Common Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A New Home Or Remodeling An Existing Home

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We plan, design, and remodel all elements of a home to better meet the needs of the owners. During the pandemic many individuals were not open to working with us in person due to the danger of contracting the Coronavirus; for the same reason, they were unwilling to open their homes to contractors and sub-contractors to make the changes they desired.  On the flip side, they found that they were spending much more time at home, and changes were needed to allow the home to better meet their functional needs, as well as their aesthetic goals.

We work with our clients to understand their needs and to provide assistance with the execution of their new home construction or remodel. We can also assist with furnishing the home to meet the functional needs of the family, and blend stylistically with the remainder of the home to provide flow and consistency. We are experts in custom interior architectural design and detailing, providing detailed drawings and renderings to assist the client and tradespersons to better understand the desired outcome.

Throughout our design experience we have learned that there are multiple challenges that people experience when trying to alter their homes on their own. Many of them chose not to work with an interior designer before making changes on their own, resulting in costly mistakes that had to be rectified before moving forward, or unwanted modifications in design due to the mistakes. We created a list of the most common mistakes people make, especially when remodeling a home, to allow them to avoid the pitfalls, and save time and money.


  1. Choosing multiple styles of design and architecture
    We all love multiple styles of design and architecture. Don’t make the mistake of trying to combine all the styles you love in one home! Allow your architect to guide you to keep a consistent architectural style. Your home will remain beautiful and timeless for far longer. Overall, the architectural design, furniture style and other elements should blend with one another. A Tudor home with ultra-modern furniture is out of place!


  1. Falling for the latest trends
    It is easy to become enamored with the latest trendy style and color when designing your home. However, this is a common mistake that you should avoid, so people don’t walk into your home years later and immediately discern the time of your renovation or new build. You may choose to embrace some elements of a style, but do attempt to select those that are most timeless so your home will always be “in style” and able to transcend these momentary trends. Incorporating more classic shapes and colors in tile and stone, and using the current colors and trends only in moveable, changeable accents of art, pillows, or accessories, you will allow your home to be timeless, whatever the current trend.


  1. Mixing colors
    Did you ever walk into space and feel downright uncomfortable but not know why? There are several possible reasons, but one of the most common is mixing ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ colors. Generally, many people consider ‘muted’ colors’ dirty’ while bright colors are considered ‘clean’. If you install a muted taupe/gray wood floor, you will also need a muted greige of or dirty off white wall color. Using a ‘clean’ white or blue-gray will make your floor look dirty’. Put your samples down on clean white paper or a sheet, always in the direction of the install (floor flat, walls vertical), and compare them this way. Never compare your colors by placing the samples on an existing wall. The existing wall color will throw off everything.


  1. Not deciding how you want to live
    Before embarking on a new build or a home remodel, your most important task should be to evaluate how you live your daily life, and what would assist you to live your life more comfortably. Do you require a larger master bathroom, or do you just require a bath with more storage with ideal make-up lighting? If you cannot change the footprint of your kitchen, but you require more storage, can you add cabinets to the ceiling for items you utilize less often? What about using your toe-kick spaces? If you have a small dog or cat, what about a pull-out area for food and water? Changing some of your cabinets with shelves to drawers can make an enormous difference, as can adding one of the newer corner storage units or built-in spice units. A smaller kitchen with the appropriate build-out can be far more efficient than a larger kitchen! Go through that exercise with every room to see how each space can function optimally for you. Can you make a space work for dual functions? You probably can if you plan properly from the start!


  1. Skimping on lighting
    Lighting is paramount in creating a functional home. With the advent of low-cost LED lighting, we can all benefit from ambient lighting, task lighting, reading lighting, and accent lighting. Under-cabinet lighting has been used for several years now, but what about over cabinet lighting, and toe kick lighting?  Sconces, and pendants add wonderful accent lighting, and rheostats can assist you to modify the intensity of your levels of lighting throughout the day and night. Don’t fail to visit a lighting lab or store that can assist you to determine the temperature LED’s that you find the most comfortable. LED temperature can affect the way you feel, and the way your colors read in your space. Plan all this out from the start, including where you may want floor plugs, so you can create the mood you choose and the lighting function for your needs.


  1. Not hiring a professional
    There are so many details to think about, whether you are remodeling, or building your home or office from the ground up. Do take advantage of the expertise of a professional designer. Most designers will work with clients in multiple ways, from all-encompassing contracts to periodic consults to ‘check in’ and make sure you are on track with your selections and decisions. Contact Design Focus to see how we can assist you with your project. We are happy to assist in whatever way best meets your needs.


If you are looking for an interior design company, check out Design Focus. We provide interior design and remodeling services in Orange County, and we work with our clients to understand their exact requirements.  To get in touch with us, please click here. For a better understanding of the services that we provide, please click here.

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