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Have you picked out the perfect design for your new home but are unsure how to tackle your redecoration project? The best way to proceed is to hire an interior designer to assist you. Interior designers provide expert advice on implementation and offer a wide range of services to fit your lifestyle and design aesthetic.

However, when looking for an interior designer, do put in a sufficient amount of research to find someone who matches your expectations. Go through reviews you find online and speak to people who’ve worked with them.

At Design Focus, I am confident about my firm’s services and will not shy away from giving you references. I will be happy to tell you why my services top the interior design sector, as well.

I have been designing elegant and luxurious designs for many years and have many, many happy clients. If you’re looking for an interior designer, here are a few reasons why my services stand out from the rest.

Experience and knowledge
As a professional interior designer, I oversee all projects that my team and I undertake here at Design Focus. I have been in the design field for thirty-eight years, and the wealth of knowledge and experience gained in that time provides a breadth of expertise that benefits my clients in all aspects of their projects. Additionally, I have passed the rigorous NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) qualification testing for designers. Having passed this exam proves my knowledge and proficiency as a designer, and my understanding of current codes and standards.

Dedicated service
In larger, more well-known firms, you will pay more, and once your contract is signed, your project will actually be handled by a junior designer who may have minimal experience. At Design Focus, you will always be served by the firm’s principal and my assistant. This approach ensures that you are always served personally.

Timeless designs
If you love to redesign your home every three to five years, then Design Focus is NOT the firm for you. Our designs can range from traditional to modern, depending upon the desires of our clients, but the one constant is that I provide less trendy, more TIMELESS designs that will be in style for years and years to come. I make sure to design around your taste and lifestyle, but I do so in such a way that your home is not utilizing trendy fixed architectural items. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a piece of art or a pillow in the new trendy color: you can easily replace those items!

Budget and planning
I do not price by the hour. Each job is first carefully evaluated with you. If you are unsure of what your overall costs might be for what you have planned, I can assist you in developing the budget for your project. Once the scope, size and details of the project are clear, I will determine a flat fee based on the complexity and time required for each phase of the project. I will propose that quote to you in a letter of agreement that we will review together so we all understand how the project will proceed and the costs involved.

Easy accommodation
With Design Focus, you can still add to your ongoing project, should you desire. If you decide you want to add a California room or an outdoor kitchen to your project, and if it isn’t covered in the Letter of Agreement, then that isn’t going to be a problem. I can just add an addendum to the existing letter of agreement with the additional agreed-upon parameters for the new work. The fee and work can continue to progress without interruption.

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