I am the present CFO (previously President) of a large medical practice that that has 10 obstetrician/ gynecologists, 3 nurse practitioners, 2 pediatricians, an associated reproductive endocrinologist, and approximately 65 employees. Over the past two decades, Bev has been directly involved in a number of our very substantial commercial build-out projects. In each case, her performance and execution has been nothing short of exemplary

Our most recent project was the build-out of a large medical suite encompassing 28,000 square feet. The starting point was an empty shell (we were the first build out this space in what was then a new building). Put differently, we were starting at virtual ground zero. The end point was (simultaneously): a 17,000 sf Ob/Gyn office, a 4500 sf Pediatric office, a 4,200 sf Infertility office, and a 2,300 sf administrative office.

Bev worked seamlessly with the architect, contractor, subcontractors, cabinet makers, floor installers, and on-and-on. In each case, she added huge value. In many cases, quite frankly, she added the only value. Time and again, it was Bev that provided insights that at the end of the day made our space special. While we hired her for interior design, what we got was that plus an ongoing consultant for virtually every aspect of the project. Our end result was an absolutely beautiful medical office suite. Even a number of years later, it is not uncommon for patients to comment that the office is the most beautiful they have ever seen.

Relative to interior design, Bev is as good as they get: awe inspiring. In the project referenced above, she was tasked to make the ob/gyn office sophisticated and upscale, non-intimating, and resilient enough to handle a flow of several hundred patients a day. The pediatric office had to be professional and somehow 'connected' design-wise to the Ob/Gyn office, while at the same time being fun and whimsical (a kids' office, after all). The infertility office had to exude a comfortable professionalism. The administrative office had to be functional and pleasant for our staff (for as little expense as possible, as the rest of the project usurped our budget!). In many ways, each segment of the project was very different and was associated with its own challenges. Given the framework defined for each space, the final product produced by Bev fringed on perfection (and on budget!). Her ability to blend different elements of the project to create one unified beautiful 'whole' was simply outstanding.

In short, Bev is a gifted interior designer, with impeccable taste. She is a get-it-done obsessive compulsive perfectionist (which is, in my estimation, exactly what one would want from an interior designer). She excels in enriching in extraordinary ways an idea a client may have. She is a swift problem solution finder. She works extremely well in a team context, and quickly gains the respect of other members of a project. And, very importantly, she has an endearing and pleasant demeanor and is an absolute delight to work with.

Bev is, plain and simple, one of the most consistently outstanding professionals with whom I have ever worked. FIVE STARS!

Dear Beverly,

Hanan and I have known you since 1996. You did the interior and furniture selection of our home. You did an extremely excellent job. We enjoyed every bit of the house. Our kids loved their rooms. Our relatives and friends were amazed with the details and the beauty of our house.

We decided in 2007 and after 11 years of fully enjoying our home to upgrade our home to another level. The kids are older. Our tastes are different. Our financial capabilities are better. We requested you to help us to put our ideas into affect. You worked together with the rest of your team so hard to get us the best possible result. The final outcome of this venture was so great that we do not like to leave our home. Relatives and friends who were skeptical about the whole project of the renovation of our house because they thought that it does not need one, admired and loved the final outcome of the house. Guests who visit us enjoy our home and usually extend their visit.

In both times we enjoyed working with you. Your taste, honesty, hard work, contacts and many other factors will make us always come to you for our needs. You assembled very impressive team working with you. You are highly respected in the industry. We were able to feel that when we were dealing with different trades.

We are sending this e mail to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your efforts in making our dream come true. You are one of a kind. We wish all the success you deserve.

Best regards

Hanan & Hayder Kuba


Lynn and I were so impressed with your space and presentation, your level of organization, your creativity, your network of creatives... and I was most honored by your selection of my work for your most important design project at the Philharmonic. How blessed we were to be able to see this, and to see you in action! Beautiful work, a blend of the elegant and the natural, the result of the intelligence and spirit of a true artist! I am pleased to be part of this, and found absolute pleasure in seeing my work in your 'place of honor.'

I would be pleased to work with you on any future project in which you would be involved.

Look forward to seeing you soon, Beverly—marvelous work!!!!

Rick Delanty



It has now been two years since our home was finished and I must say that our family loves our home more than ever.

It is clear that the decision to engage you at the outset to work hand in glove with our builder was the best decision we could have made…. All of your designs and selections have stood the test of time. You did an outstanding job on the exterior appointments as well as on the interior finishes. Particularly, we are grateful for the way you designed the library paneling, interior fireplaces, home entertainment system and cabinets; and your choices for blending floor and wall materials and colors has withstood all the wear and tear supplied by my husband, myself, our five daughters and two dogs!

You were patient and understanding during the trials and tribulations of home construction, and for this I will always be grateful. From our family to yours, we wish you continued personal and professional success.

Warmest Regards,

Tracy Theodora

Dear Beverly,

As our journey towards building our dream nest reaches the end, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for your sincere efforts in achieving this goal.

Looking back some of the things that will remain in our memory will be your hard work to satisfy our expectations, maintaining the highest quality possible while trying to keep cost under control, working with the architect, builder, subcontractors and suppliers with our interest in your mind.

We whole heartily believe that without you we would not have the beautiful home we now have. Our friends who are visiting us admire the taste and quality of our house. Working with you was a pleasure and a wonderful experience. We would also like to thank your staff, who were always there to help us when we needed help.

We wish you all the success and God bless you.


Hanan and Hayder Kuba

Dear Beverly,

Apologies for being so tardy in telling you how much Bob and I deeply appreciate your superb contribution to our new home.

Bottom line is that we love it, and experience new thrills every time we walk into a room. Your touches and fine hand are everywhere. There are so many than you’s to you )truly like an Academy Award speech). Here are just a few: your patience with my stubbornness; your always- right answers., suggestions and solutions; your keeping me in (soft) check not to overdo; your great layouts, and perhaps above all, your being so easy and so great to work with.

I am beginning to forget how awful it was. But, I do remember that at the worst times, you made it possible for me to get through them.

So a very big, grateful and happy thank you for being such an important part of fulfilling our dream.

With love and affection,

Suzanne and Bob Grayson

Beverly has saved our kitchen, and our sanity! After muddling through our kitchen remodel project with direction from a 'design professional ' and the contractor our kitchen was such a mess that we were seriously contemplating scrapping the project and starting over from scratch. The flooring was turning out wrong, the cabinet color was too bright and the back splash design was stark , plain and very uninspiring. We thought that it was hopeless. And then we found Beverly!!

She took over and was the consummate professional. She reviewed the entire project and showed us why we were not liking what we were seeing. She then found the right combination of flooring and cabinet color, created a beautiful backsplash design that compliments our appliances and decor, found the right finishing touches and stayed within our budget. Now we love our kitchen!

I would highly recommend her. She is timely, communicates well and converts your ideas into designs and fixtures extremely well. I cannot imagine using anyone else for our future projects.

Robyn & Steve Parker

What can I say about Beverly Stadler and her company Design Focus, there really is not enough words to describe her talents, professionalism, client likability for her, years of experience and knowhow that can explain how special an Interior Designer and person she truly is. I have been working with Beverly now for more then 5 years after many more years experience with other Interior Designers and feel she has a better understanding of not just Interior Design then the others, but has created a style of elegance and class that is all her own and I am fond to be a part of. It is always a pleasure working with her as well as how she makes our projects seen of a higher caliber then what is typically perceived only to be very clinical - she creates environments that are greatly desired by our clients who want to cater to an unexpected level of aesthetics that reflect positively on their office and able to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

Robert Varisco

Design Focus is a professional company with immense talent and experience. Beverly worked tirelessly to make my house into a dream home.

She has the ideas and the know-how to work with you to get everything beautiful. Highly recommend Design Focus.


Beverly with Design Focus did a wonderful job in my home after a water leak damaged my kitchen, family room, dining room and 1/2 bath. I was able to still work my full time job and get the project done in a couple of months. My home looks better now than it did before the damage thanks to Beverly's beautiful sense of style and her ability to incorporate my style along with it.

Thanks Bev!



Thank you for all the thought you put into the El Encanto paint schemes.

We painted our home at Carta de Plata with the Kangaroo stucco, black shutters and black front door. We are elated with how it turned out! It turned out even better than we expected. I know the roof tiles and design of the homes were difficult for you to work with, but your keen attention to detail paid off.

Jackie's house turned out great also. Three homes across from her painted, too, and it looks like a brand new/updated tract in that area.

Have a great day and Thank You.

Lynda Kennedy