Rancho Mission Viejo Soft Contemporary

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Rancho Mission Viejo Soft Contemporary Gallery

This sophisticated contemporary home creates a timeless comfortable ambiance through the utilization of curated selections of new and treasured items from the client’s prior home.

Architectural specifications of gloss, leathered, honed, split face and chiseled stone on surfaces throughout the property provide interest and cohesiveness to support the indoor/outdoor aesthetic.

The neutral palette of beige and soft earth tones is spiced with burnt orange and black contrast. Metallic bronze and gold add just the right amount of glimmer. Textural chenille, woven grass shades, sisal area rugs, and leather are utilized to create comfortable common areas. Velvet, silks, and lustrous finishes are utilized to create dramatic and sophisticated private spaces. Dynamic use of accent and architectural lighting provides depth of illumination through subtle layering throughout.

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